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Factual Friday Badger Homes

Each week I will hopefully be posting on the page Factual Friday. As I am no expert I’m seeking help from you lovely people? If any of you are knowledgeable on a certain animal/bird/living creature and would like to share your knowledge on this page then please PM me about writing a short piece to feature and it will be credited to you of course🙏 This Weeks Factual Friday Badgers Homes! Badgers live in underground homes called setts. They are very clean and keep their bedding dry and free of parasites by dragging it backwards through the hole to air it out before taking it back inside! The Badgers don’t use their sett as their toilet, they dig a hole called a latrine a little way away from the sett this can also mark their territory. The Badger sett can have a few entrance holes, some only have 2 others have a lot more (the biggest I’ve seen so far is 35 active holes!). Sometimes male Badgers from a clan (family) or pregnant females, will dig a mini sett on the outskirts of the main sett, this is called an outlier sett. The holes are distinctly D shaped wider than they are tall, and often have a large spoil heap in front. Badgers don’t often litter the entrances with bones and debris like Foxes do🦊. Setts can be located all over the place! Sometimes in forests between tree roots, sometimes in the middle of an open field, near a river and even at the bottom of a garden. Some setts are hundreds of years old, used by generations of Badgers. Often Badger runs (the paths they use over and over), can be seen snaking from an active sett out into their foraging area as they take the same routes every night and are creatures of habit 🐾🐾❤️ Written by Kira Starbuck ❤️

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