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News Update 4th November 2019

Just a quick update for you Lumpy lovers of what has been happening in Mr Lumpy & Friends world this week. Mrs Lumpy’s paw is virtually healed, she still has a slight limp and a bobble of pink flesh on the side of it but I’m very happy with how she is doing. Mike is doing well infection under control and getting better every day(driving me mad 😆). Baby Bumpy called in a few times this week during the night but we’ve not seen Banana Blossom for a few weeks now, I’m sure she’s fine. I’ve assisted with the rescue of a poorly hedgehog and sadly me and mike had to go and check on another road casualty Badger 😢we laid him to rest covered in leaves. A member of High Peak Badger Group came round one night to take a look at the Badgers and to take the Metacam painkiller back so it’s not wasted and it can be used elsewhere. I donated a bag of Mr Lumpy goodies to be raffled off at there Christmas Badger Ball. Thank you for all your support this week in doing so I raised funds for High Peak Badger Group, Calderdale Badgers and the Hunt Sabs, so you not only help us you also help others wildlife organisations that we support. 🙏🐾🐾🦊❤️

New Update 4th November 2019

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