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Fox and badger have a comic game of peekaboo

This is the hilarious moment a badger and fox comically chase each other around bushes in a garden as they appear to play a game of peekaboo. 

The animals were caught on a night-vision camera in the garden of wildlife campaigner Christine Ian, in Stockport, Greater Manchester. 

The footage shows the pair sniffing around the garden before the badger runs at the fox and the they then repeatedly chase each other around a bush. 

The video starts with the badger and fox - whose eyes are glowing in the dark -apparently comfortable in each other's company as they both sniff the grass.

The badger moves out of view but then suddenly reappears when it runs at the fox.

The fox escapes behind the bush behind it before appearing around the other side - with the badger still hot on its tail.

The pair repeat the circle again but the badger then tries to swap sides and catch the fox head-on.

However, the fox realises and runs back the other way again - and the badger then chases it once more.

The pair then engage in a hilarious face-off, with the fox repeatedly trying to run each way but quickly switching each time he sees the badger has done the same.

Finally, the animals have yet another charge around the bush. 

Ms Ian has shared hundreds of pictures and videos of a badger - which she has named Mr Lumpy - and the fox, called Foxy Loxy, on her Instagram page, Mr Lumpy and Friends. 

They are seen in numerous shots eating food in her garden and staring into her camera up close.  

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