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Factual Friday Squirrels

This week it’s our cheeky Grey Squirrels 🐿 Grey Squirrels are part of the Sciuridae family related to Rodents, Chipmunks and Prairie Dogs. They are Omnivores just like us so can eat just about anything. They are not totally grey some are half grey/half browny red and we even have Black and Albino squirrels! They live in a house called a drey made out of leaves, twigs and bark which you will find up in the branches of a tree. They do not hibernate here in the UK but bury food in the autumn to retrieve during the winter when food is scarce. Their 2 front teeth continually grow therefore they need to nibble and grind the teeth down constantly. A typical life span is between 2 to 5 years and they can mate from 12 months old. Mating takes place between January and June and the female can have 2 litters one in early Spring and one in the Summer. Baby Squirrels or Kits as they are called are born on average after 44 days and she can have between 1/7 at a time. 🐿

Written by Christine

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