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Factual Friday The Bats

This is Bertha the little Pipistrelle bat that crash landed on our decking. She was cared and looked after for a few weeks and brought back to health before being released back into our garden where other bats were flying. So I thought I would give you a little information on these lovely creatures. The Pipistrelles are common throughout Britain, they are Nocturnal coming out at dusk to feed for a few hours. They can eat up to 3000 gnats in one night! The females tend to roost together only seeking out the males when it’s mating time. The pup (usually one) is born in June/July. Some females stay and roost together all their lives and have been know to live up to 11/15 years! Unlike Badgers they do hibernate from Oct/Nov until March/April. Below is a picture of a man made roost in our local Country Park. A

cottage had roughly 200 roosting in the loft so they had to be re-homed, just next door, to this heated roost with solar panels! Lucky Bats 🦇❤️🦇❤️

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